Monday, September 28, 2015

Backpacking the Sierra Nevadas

I got out with my brother and our buddies to the high Sierra Nevada range the other day.

The hike in was gorgeous and we were loving every step of the way!

We set up camp in a sweet spot overlooking a small alpine lake.


We fished quite a bit but had no luck.
It really didn't matter though. We were having a great time with tons of laughter.

We took some great hikes and saw some more awesome scenery!
In the morning I made a batch of flapjacks in my trusty packable little cast iron skillet.

I carved a little ponderosa pine spatula that worked like a charm.

After breakfast we packed back out and did a spot of fishing and shooting.
My brother had carved a nice linen-backed plum longbow that was impressively accurate!

We all got some nice hits and a few fish stayed on the lines for a short fight. When all was said and done, Eric landed a nice little trout...

...that he gave to me!
It was so tasty!

Well, I have a wild grape soda waiting for me so I gotta go!

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