Saturday, September 19, 2015

Cooking Mussels in a Cave: A Story from a Few Winter's Back

I forgot to post this story when it happened and I just came across the images so here you are!
Remember, mussels are not safe to eat in the summer months...the following is a story from the winter time when mussels are safe to consume and therefor a delicacy we enjoy every rainy season!

Sometimes you just have to get out there, rain or shine, get out into the sea and harvest bivalves-a-plenty!

We look forward to the clam and mussel harvest every year. So when it was time and the tides were out, my dad and I headed into the intertidal zone with buckets, fishing licenses and big appetites!

After a bountiful and very easy harvest we headed for a favorite cave to cook our fresh seafood feast over hardwood coals.

Beams of sun filtered in through cracks in the walls and illuminated a heck of a good meal!

We ate our fill and enjoyed every bite of this fresh sea fare.

Well, my good buddy just got back from adventures in the high Arctic, so I'm off to go fishing or bow carving again!

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Keep the old ways alive!


  1. I have been keeping track of your adventures. Keep the pics and ideas coming. People are watching and learning!!!!

    1. Thanks man! You should come along some time! It's too much fun to do on my own most of the time anyways!