Friday, May 5, 2017

Gone Fishin': Asian Style Panfish

"The first time we did it I was scared to death. She snuck out in that cotton dress. Jumped on in and we drove to the lake, put her hand on my knee and said 'I can't wait!' I had everything we needed in the bed of my truck... turns out my baby loves to... Fish! She wants to do it all the time, early in the mornin' and in the middle of the night! She's hooked and now she can't get enough! Man that girl sure loves to ...Fish!" - Craig Campbell

My girl had never landed a fish in her life, and that just didn't seem right to me. So, with my knee on the mend we loaded up Sweet Dee (my aluminum monster of a canoe) and headed to a secret secluded lake a couple of weeks back. 

I knew that we could go all day without necessarily hooking a trout or bass, but I wanted some good fun and plenty of action so we paddled across to the shallows, tossed in some hooks and line and had ourselves a great time!

Our targeted species of the day is quite possible the most ferocious freshwater species in California... the bluegill. Now bluegill are not known to be a trophy fish by any means, but they sure hit hard and frequently! And for Diane's first real fishing experience I figured we could have a lot of fun landing fish all day. And boy did we!

By the end of a few hours on the lake we must have brought in 30 fish (eight of which we kept).

The following evening I scaled the fish and we got to cooking using an Asian method of frying the fish whole until golden brown, followed by poaching with soy sauce, oyster sauce, vinegar, ginger, garlic, green onion, etc. 

Diane also made some excellent bok choy and a traditional Chinese cucumber salad which paired perfectly with our fresh caught pan-fish! The subsequent meal was exquisite!

I am seven days away from beginning my Qualifying Exams for my Ph.D. so I will not have another story for you until the end of the month. I hear the striped bass are running in the Sacramento River now, so if you get a chance...try to get out there and greet them with a rod and reel!

Keep the old ways alive!

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