Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Persimmon Muffins

Every year during late fall and early winter I look forward to the persimmon harvest! These incredible fruits ripen just as the last of the late season apples fall. And every year since we were kids, my brother and I would shake the limbs and gather up these sweet, gooey (and slightly bitter), fruits for one of my favorite seasonal sweets.

My mom's recipe for persimmon muffins dipped in cinnamon sugar is to die for! They are so damn good it is hard to resist eating a whole batch all at once!

So the other day, after the first good frost, I headed out to the family orchard and returned with just enough early season fruit for a half dozen of these incredibly tasty treats! Yeah...I ate like half of them!

O.k. I hear that the mushrooms are springing up again around here, so I am heading into the woods as soon as I get the final edits done on a couple of reports I am writing.

See you out there!

Keep the old ways alive!

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  1. I prefer the crisp fuyu persimmons, but I do love these Hachiyas when they get almost overripe. Them I pop them in the freezer and when I feel like persimmon "gelato" I take one out, let it defrost just enough for the skin to slip off, and eat it with a spoon while it's still cold and slushy. Best lazy treat ever. :)