Saturday, July 6, 2013

Earl's Plum Jam

"Mom, can you think of a funny quote about jam or plums?"
"It is very difficult for me to be funny on the spot like this!" "Thanks, that'll work."- My Mom and Me.

Every summer my Grandpa (may he rest in peace) made delicious plum jam from the tree in the back yard. This year we decided to honor his memory and keep this tradition alive.

Plums on the Tree



My Dad and I headed out armed with our trusty baskets and had a good old time gathering the ripe sweet fruit from Grandpa's old tree. In around 15 minutes we had all three baskets filled to the brim with 3/4 of the tree still heavily laden with ripe fruit.

This got us pondering pressing some plum wine...but more about that later.

My Mom and I got cooking soon after we returned and in a matter of a few hours we had our first batch of jam in jars.


Plum Jam

I churned a fresh batch of unsalted butter the next morning and my Mom baked a dozen gluten free biscuits for breakfast. We enjoyed our biscuits with homemade butter and Earl's jam with smiles all around.

Preserves and Fresh Churned Butter


Keep the old ways alive!

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