Sunday, July 14, 2013

Kayak Angling and Fried Lingcod Sandwiches


“You know what’s awesome?”-me

“Yup!”-my Dad


“Sure is!”-my Dad

Hunter and I got out on the Kayak yesterday. The seas were calm
the salmon were running. We paddled out at a cove where the

foggy sky met the stark sandstone bluffs and lush coniferous forest.
Hunter had a lingcod in the boat in around 5 minutes.

Around mid day I brought a 15-20lbs salmon to within a foot of the
 boat, but he threw the hook at the last moment and we watched his
beautiful metallic silver sheen flash one last time as he blasted back
 to the bottom. All we could do was laugh…we wanted that fish,
 but it was pretty darn cool to have even had the opportunity to
fight and see him. I got two more lingcod later in the day which had
 me pretty stoked by the time we paddled in.
Stoked Forager
Really Stoked Successful Forager


That afternoon, my wife and I gathered up a little lambsquarter
from a local orchard while my Mom made German potato salad.
Our dinner was some of the best fried lingcod sandwiches I have
ever tasted. The added lambsquarter greens were also well
One-of-a-Kind Dinner!

By the way, blackberries, thimbleberries, and other wild edibles
were also spied on this outing…but more about them later.

Keep the old ways alive!

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