Thursday, October 20, 2016

Catfish Po' boys Revisited

Got out rabbit hunting the other day and the rabbit tortilla soup that resulted was absolutely incredible! I am sending this recipe soon to my editor at the North Coast Journal.

My buddy Alex and I had a quick foray the other day resulting in a nice haul of bay leaves, pomegranates, and English walnuts.

Since my friend Angela gave me her old car I have been loading up the canoe and getting out fishing like crazy! Thank you Angie!

A new acquaintance also gave me an old cart so I can more easily roll my canoe down to the water! Just tried it out and it works like a charm!

Been getting out for bass regularly and the bite has been great!

No, that is not an intentional Fritos chips add...I just like them, what can I say? Guilty pleasure!

Over the past few days fishing I had an otter swim right up to my boat and grab a bass 1/3 of its size from under a snag 10ft away! It was awesome to see...but I couldn't snap a pic in time. Today while fishing I had a weasel swim by about 15 feet from me in search of fish as well!

Great horned owls, falcons, bald eagles, red tailed hawks, western pond turtles, and many more forms of wildlife have also come by and taken a look at the canoe recently. I love how much one gets to see out on the water without the noise of a motor! 

The other day while fishing for catfish, salmon started jumping all around me! I had a solid strike from one later, but no hook ups.

That's o.k. though, I did land a couple of small catfish.

And made up some of my famous beer batter to fry them in. The subsequent catfish Po' boy was outstanding!

I am still stuck taking photos with my old flip phone so I apologize for the resolution on some of these images. I will get a new camera when my next paycheck comes through.

Well, time to get cracking on my dissertation proposal again.

Keep fishing, hunting, adventuring, and foraging!

And always strive to keep the old ways alive!


  1. Okay, so you were being completely honest when you said you live a very fulfilling life! And while I've never heard of your "famous" beer batter, your po'boy looks like a little piece of heaven.

    1. Ahh yes, the Po'boys were awesome! My beer batter is only famous in certain circles...but popular in Humboldt!