Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Apricots, Bows, and a Homemade Canoe

Now, back to foraging and other related ramblings. I got out at the beginning of summer for some excellent nighttime apricot foraging!

The fruit was incredible and I couldn't get over the sweet aromas. 

The next day I located some plums and made a sweet plum syrup...

 And the following morning yielded some exceptional apricot pancakes with plum syrup.

In the afternoon I used the rest of the fruit to make a batch of apricot jam.

And as fun as that was...check out what my brother has been up to! He built a canoe!

How rad is that? He even hand-carved the paddle! And if that wasn't enough he just finished his first Osage Orange bow from the wood we cut together last year. He backed the bow with deer rawhide he also prepared...and yeah, that is one of his homemade knives in that image.

He let me shoot it and I can honestly say it shoots like a champ!

Justin shot this group at 30 yards!

Keep the old ways alive!

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