Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Mongolia Revisited

"Hey, remember that time we were in Mongolia?" - Me asking Aurora with a grin as we stand in the remote Taiga-steppe transition
"Yeah, It was awesome!" - Aurora

I just got back from another month and a half in northern Mongolia on an archaeological excavation. It was amazing! I love working in a country with such great people and the breathtaking natural beauty of such exquisite landscapes!

This international collaboration was great fun and very productive. We worked hard, got some great results, and had a great time.
Afternoons found me fishing for local trout with a willow stick, some string, a hook and a locust for bait.

The river not only provided food but also a place to bathe in peace.

Herds of horses, goats and cattle were regular visitors to our camp.

 Local food was also exquisite and cooked for us in traditional fashion (such as cooking with stones heated in the fire). We mostly ate fresh sheep with the occasional goat which the Mongols slaughtered and prepared with expert skill and a tradition of wasting nothing.

At some point I fashioned a small bow and arrow and the crew enjoyed hours of good shooting!

 Well, I had many more pictures of foraging in Asia, but my camera was stolen during the last few days before my return to the US. It's all good though, just material possesions right? "All that I own, I carry with me."

Keep the old ways alive!

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