Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Dungeness Crab Opener: An Incredible Windy Dive and Thai Curry

"This is the only situation I can think of where I am headed out with my buddies and hoping to come home with crabs"- Me

Well, Dungeness crab season finally opened after a prolonged quarantine (due to elevated levels of naturally occurring domoic acid, causing paralytic and amnesiac shellfish poisoning in humans). So my comrades Andrew, Evian, and I headed out to the coast for a little freediving in hopes of catching crustaceans! 

We knew the forecast was a bit windy, but when Evian's tent was flattened by gusts up to 40MPH, we were left shaking our heads in disapproval by the well-stoked fire.

But, spirits unbroken and with the promise of sweet crab for dinner, we braved the chill of the northern Pacific (and rapidly decreasing water clarity) to snag a few dungies!

Evian found the first one...

I grabbed the second one, and while Evian threw another on his board I added a fish to the mix. It was no limit, but we knew we would be eating well.

Andrew was late to the camp as he had a long road from work, but had the fire going by the time we returned (no small feat in such high-velocity gusts).

And we soon had our catch simmering away on the coals while we warmed our bones by the fire.

Beer battered fish sizzled as they reached the perfect golden-brown color and crispy texture and our Thai coconut curry came alive as we added our wild harvested black trumpet mushrooms and an incredible array of herbs and spices.

This was, hands-down, the best crab I have ever tasted! The coconut milk, lime leaf, chilies, and wild mushrooms worked in perfect harmony with the sweet flavors of our wild caught crab!
For some reason I completely forgot to get a pic of Andrew out diving with us among the Harbor Seals the next day! But take my word for it, he was there and all smiles!

Sometimes it is good to get out of the comfort of the house and away from the nice warm shower down the hall to rough it in the elements! So get out there and make some good wild food with your friends!

Keep the old ways alive!

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