Thursday, April 7, 2016

Abalone Opener and Digressions of Dungeness Crab

As crab season is in full swing, I could not pass up another opportunity to pursue these delicious crustaceans! My dad and I headed out early on the old trusty inflatable boat as the open ocean was calm and the winds were low.

Salmon season had also opened that day so after dropping the crab pots we trolled around for a bit with anchovies and flashers.

As expected, the fish were only biting several miles off the coast, but regardless of a lack of salmon, the crabs were plentiful!

We gave the gear a rinse in fresh water as the crab boiled away on the stove and spent an hour cracking and shelling.

My parents ate crab louie while I cooked up a batch of crab cakes for my buddy Alex's birthday party.


The crab cakes lasted about 20 minutes and received rave reviews.
The next morning it was back to the sea for a little north coast freedive spearfishing and abalone diving. The morning fog was thick, but burned off as we entered the water.

And though the water looked calm a strong ground-swell kicked our butts out in open water. We still manages a few fish, a couple of rock scallops, and some abalone.

It was a great time out there and the sea was quite generous!

The weekend ended with a slice of my mom's homemade peach pie from peaches picked in our orchard...not to shabby!

Looking forward to plenty of seafood dinners in the coming weeks!

Keep the old ways alive!

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