Saturday, April 23, 2016

Puff Ball and Oyster Mushroom Pizza

“It looks like he’s living out of his car. He’s got blankets, and what is that? Is that a bucket full of chestnuts? Who has that? What? Is he foraging for his food?”- Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia

My friend Amy and I got out about a month ago in search of fungi. We were not under the impression that the hunting would be terribly productive as it had been nearly two weeks of hot weather since the last rain. But we needed an excuse to get out of town for a bit and have some fun so a walk in the woods was just what the doctor ordered.

After what seemed like the whole afternoon of joking and laughing with nearly no mushrooms encountered, Amy located the very first. It was neither an edible species nor was it of any size, but it gave us hope.

Next we found a few clusters of inedible ink caps along the north (shaded) portions of a few trees. These made me feel like perhaps there was a chance for an edible morsel or two. And as it turns out, there was!

Mostly past-prime, we found a few old oyster mushrooms with a few younger edible ones in the mix. Regardless of the general condition, we were all smiles!

After scouring the area with no further success we headed out into the open low-growing grass and found a plethora of puff balls.

These were certainly not sizable, but paired with the oyster mushrooms, caramelized onion, chicken, broccoli, and truffle cheese, these made some damn fine pizzas!

Well, even if conditions look dismal, get out there and see what’s waiting for you. If for nothing more than comradery and a fun day in the woods!

Keep the old ways alive!


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