Friday, March 29, 2013

Gluten-free Abalone Spring Rolls and Thai Peanut Sauce


Financial aid has arrived! That was a huge relief, emotionally and monetarily. Now, for most avid foragers there are little supplies in our toolkits worth more than a good knife, nice pair of boots, a basket, and David Aurora’s mushroom books. But one category of items that I highly suggest adding to the kit is something I have also been putting off until my money came in…SPICES!!! Keep in mind that you can buy many of these in your regular supermarket chain, however, they will charge you an arm and a leg compared to buying them from your local Indian and Pakistani grocery stores…and the selection in the latter is usually ten times better! The bottom line is I am restocking our spices today, but this post is really dedicated to the exquisite meal we shared last night.

                My girl Chelsea was kind enough to spend a few dollars on Thai basil, cilantro, and a few other goodies (which I greatly appreciated as I was down to $1.86). I thawed one of last season’s abalone from our northern adventures and set to work with the knife. We tried out the new meat grinder Chelsea had given me for Christmas, and mixed the ground abalone with diced cabbage, carrot, garlic, etc. and sautéed it up in our trusty cast iron skillet. As Chelsea worked on her famous Thai peanut sauce, I began assembling the spring rolls. A foraged lemon for a little tart, cucumber and cabbage for texture, glass noodles for filler.

They were a big hit, and we were very content with our meal based around the last edible sea delicacy in the freezer. Well, this post will be brief because we have to go spearfishing now! Wish us luck!
And if you’re getting bored with your standard recipes, just reach out far beyond our continent, and your interest and taste buds will perk right up. Thai, Japanese, Italian, Vietnamese, and Indian are all culinary styles that incorporate wild foraged foods easily; the sky’s the limit. Blending traditionally foraged foods with traditional dishes from around the world will always keep you and your family loving the fruits of the harvest. Remember to stay creative, optimistic, enjoy the adventure, and always strive to keep the old ways alive!

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