Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ode to the Ancestors

My grandparents were some of the greatest human beings I have known.
This post is in honor of them and all those in my bloodline who came before them.

I see your faces in the trees,
I hear your voices on the breeze,
I feel your spirit in the seas,
and I know you're always watching over me.
It is for you that I am named,
and through I you live again.
Remember those who lived before you.
Stretching back beyond the days of old.
It is because of their strength that you live and breathe today.
It is due of their guidance that we find our way.
Many would have you think, that to live is in only a moment, one eye's wink,
but beyond the world we see,
existed a vast expanse of time in our ancestry.
It matters not who you are or where you're from,
your ancestors were great, and you are their sum.
In traditional cultures world wide,
we see that in the old spirits folks of today confide.
So this is my reminder to friends, foes, and kin,
we must honor our ancestors here once again.
Regardless of your sex, age, or position,
Speak the praises of ancestors, and don't forget to listen.
They are here with us in dream and daylight,
they are here in sun's rays and in the moon's light.
In those times of our greatest need,
if you ask, they will surely lead.
but beyond just an occasional petitionary prayer,
always honor them, for the ancestors are always there!
Keep the old ways alive.

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