Saturday, March 30, 2013

North Country Hills: Remembering our Roots


Alex Izzarelli and I grew up downhilling the countryside of rural northern California. Often, with little more than a dollar or two between us, we would make our way deep into the country armed with no more than a water bottle. With six mile hikes to the summit of our preferred network of hills, it was a great way to spend summer days.
When we were hungry, the common law of the land was that travelers were allowed an apple or two, and of course the abundant ripe, plump and sweet Himalayan blackberries offered us a tasty snack at most any creek we crossed.

When we were thirsty, most any country cottage was happy to give us a refill. Yes, it was a blast growing up foragers in this care free environment filled with great views and the freedom one only gets when they step away from cars and traffic and make their way along by foot, bike, or board. Returning, over 12 years later, Alex and I made our way along the same roads with the same wide grins of anticipation last summer. We stopped at our old patches of berries, ate apples along the orchards, skated our favorite hills and had a ton of laughs! The joy of foraging and the reality of everyday adventures is a large part of why we are who we are.

*Remember to always have a good time, take note of the little things, never take yourself too serious, and always strive to keep the old ways alive!
- By Kevin Smith

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