Saturday, December 19, 2015

Wild Duck and Wild Green's Salad

This image shows minor's lettuce, chickweed, wild mustard greens growing together
There's no time like the winter to get out for some wild greens  on California's north coast! When you know where to look, you can find abundant tender green edibles in most meadows.
I stopped by a newly discovered patch the other day and gathered up enough greens for a nice salad in a matter of minutes. Chickweed, minor's lettuce, thistle greens, mustard greens and more were found in no shortage here!

Delicious wild greens, just remember to trim the spines away from the thistle leaf!

I even gathered up some perfectly ripe rose hips and snagged one of the last crisp winter apples from my family's orchard.
The next day, my brother Justin, our buddy Eric, and I headed into a rainstorm in the woods and spent the afternoon gathering a sampler of seasonal fungi.
We got matsutake's, a bear's head, king boletes, oyster mushrooms, candy caps, and I also gathered up some stinging nettle for an upcoming appetizer.

My good buddy Alex and I headed out the following day by kayak in search of waterfowl.
We got a nice sized bufflehead right off the bat.

Then it was off to a nice cove protected from the prevailing winds to cook up a feast...wild duck and wild green's salad!

We prepared the greens, croutons, and apple after the duck breast was cooked and the shaggy mane mushrooms we picked earlier sautéed in butter with shallots. 

It was one heck of a picnic and a much appreciated and equally delicious meal!
We finished the day with two more birds in hand and big smiles all around!

Well, the wood stove is warming away the cold wind and water from another winter day and I am really enjoying this cup of hot chocolate!

Keep the old ways alive!

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