Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ocean Fishing, Rabbit Stew, and an Early Morning Squirrel Hunt

"You cook good rabbit pilgrim!"- Jeramiah Johnson

My dad and I headed out early in the morning in the inflatable boat on the sea in search of some of the last of the season's rockfish. The boat was dusted with frost when we hooked it up to the trailer hitch and the spray of the sea was bitter cold as we sped across open water to a secret reef.
We had planned to fish a few days before, but the waves were far to big and numerous for a safe day on the water. Finally we found a break in the swell and were able to head out into the open ocean once again.
We had a nice lingcod slip away a moment before we could net him, but other than that we had great success! The sky was overcast until mid day, but eventually the sun peaked through and warmed our backs.
By the early afternoon we had two vermillion, one sculpin, one black, one black-and-yellow, and one brown rockfish. Not a bad haul at all!

My brother and I got out with our buddy Robert and his sons for a pretty fun day hunting last week as well. Justin got a couple of birds (which I forgot to get pictures of), and we found this awesome moss covered deer skull. I should have snapped a picture of Robert's boys with it. They are awesome!

I had a chance to stop by one of our old hang out spots and rough out a few sets of osage orange chopsticks and a spatula from wood my buddy Alex and I had cut a few months back. I later finished them and gave them as Christmas gifts.

My dad was also doing a bit of wood working and upcycled some old wine barrels into Adirondack chairs for us for Christmas!

I had been thinking recently that we should get out and take a walk in the woods again soon to add a few more oyster mushrooms to the menu. Luckily Abalone found a few while we were squirrel hunting this morning.

I swear I have the cutest hunting buddy in the world!

She tracked down and dispatched a big male grey squirrel all by herself!

We would be eating squirrel soup tonight (hillbilly I know, but sustainable and delicious) if it weren't for the big pot of oyster mushroom and rabbit stew in the refrigerator (thanks Justin!). Abalone did get the squirrel organ meat fried up for lunch though.

Well, I can't stand being behind a computer screen any longer...I'm going foraging!

Hope to see you out there.

Keep the old ways alive!

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