Monday, December 21, 2015

Wild Nettle and Fungi Pakoras with Indian Apple Chutney

"Hey, looks like we're not the only ones who like a walk in the rain!"- Isabella and Emma

On a whim, Alex and I headed out in search of some local wood to cut and carve. We only managed a small round of maple, but we got some nice oyster mushrooms and met some good friends along the way!

I finally got the chance to cook up a dish I have been waiting for all week...Indian Pakoras!
This is a gluten-free recipe as the batter they are fried in relies on garbanzo flour.
Though these fried appetizers usually rely on the fruits of a good garden (spinach, potato, etc.) I decided to go for a forager's spin. I used Cauliflower mushroom, Bear's head mushroom, and stinging nettle greens. 

My buddies and I found a nice sized and very healthy cauliflower mushroom the other day which we divided and I subsequently cooked and froze.

The Bear's head and nettle (pictured below amongst the awesome harvest we got the other day) were cleaned, cut and thrown in the mix as well. Of course, the nettle greens were first blanched to wilt their potent sting.


I picked some of the last crisp winter apples from our orchard and sautéed down a chutney with garam masala, shallots, apple cider vinegar, apple juice, cloves, brown sugar, etc. and had an incredible Indian-style chutney within a half hour!

While the pakoras cooked I steamed some of the mussels Alex and I had gathered at the coast the other night. It was a nice appetizer to the main appetizer I was cooking.

The pakoras and chutney were incredibly tasty!
Hope to see you out there hunting, fishing, and foraging this winter!
Keep the old ways alive!

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