Friday, September 20, 2013

Apple Harvest

A couple of weeks ago marked the annual apple harvest. For a number of reasons we kept this year's event just family. However, this harvest was fun filled and productive as heck!

We started out harvesting the organic heirloom golden delicious apples. Then it was on to Jonathan and Rome.
We also took the necessary time to launch rotten fruit into the outer reaches of the galaxy with our apple slingshot and apple atlatl.


Then it was all about pressing the juice...

...and fermenting hard cider. Some of which  (early season heirloom-organic Gravenstein) we already had on tap!

It was hard work and some of us got tuckered out early.
The forager food spread was one-of-a-kind. The menu included my dad's wild caught and apple wood smoked king salmon, fresh caught fried abalone steaks, and apple cake as well as Sarah and Chelsea's candy apples for dessert.


Tough times huh? Well, maybe not!
Keep the old ways alive!

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