Friday, September 20, 2013

Go Nuts: Part 1- Almonds and Walnuts

"Got some Amins I see!"- Mary
"Mom, why do you call them Amins? They're Almonds!"- Chelsea
"Because, when you shake the tree and they all fall to the ground, you knock the 'L' out of them!"-Mary

Rick and I got out with Abalone for a hike down a local dry creek bed.

Passed the dens that we thought belonged to local coyotes...

But which turned out to belong to an expert wood carver...the beaver!

We took a rest and enjoyed some sweet ripe figs...

passed by prolific rabbit sign...

and then made our way to the base of a few small trees.

The surrounding almond groves were scheduled to be picked the next week, but here in the dry creek bottom, on public land, the feral almond trees were ready to be harvested already!

CAUTION! Bitter Almonds are poisonous, so be sure you know what you're doing!

We set to "work" picking a few of these trees...

and though it was hot...

we made off like bandits with a very nice haul!

The next week I observed that the English walnuts were ready. So was I.

Again I was able to forage a nice harvest. The fruits of both forays were shucked and set out to dry under the sun.

And as I cracked the hulls, I set two thirds aside for trail mix and ate one third on the spot.

I peeled, sliced, and cored a few apples from the orchard as well. These I set aside to dry for my paleo-riffic hunter-forager trail mix as well.

California is blessed. There is always some seasonal abundance to be found...just have a resourceful look around!

Keep the old ways alive!

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