Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fruits of the Urban Harvest Part 1: Freshly Foraged Grapefruit and Lemon Palomas

“Bro! I brought you some grapefruit straight off the tree!”-Mitch Evens

It was the Friday after our highly successful afternoon urban foraging, and that evening as the sun set low in the sky and it began to cool off, my wife said with a smile “We should use some of those grapefruit for a couple Palomas!” The Paloma is apparently Mexico’s most popular tequila drink, according to a recent Sunset magazine article. If you can believe it, it's supposedly even more popular than the margarita. The drink requires 2oz of grapefruit juice, 2oz of club soda, half a lime or lemon squeezed in, and 2oz of tequila. It is one part tasty and three parts delicious!

Chelsea used a foraged lemon, and foraged grapefruit for the base, and I lined the rim of our dollar store glasses with homemade and freshly foraged sea salt. She shook the concoction over ice and added a few lemon wedges for garnish before we stepped outside to enjoy this smooth citrus drink.

Freshly Foraged and Homemade Sea Salt

Mixing Things Up a Bit


Of course, we had a few minutes so we killed some cans with the slingshot. Well, Chelsea killed them, I am pretty sure I just winged them.


Chelsea Shot the F out of This Can!

Abalone Loves to Shoot

We found that dried beans work great for slingshot ammo in the city. Even if they ricochet, they are so light, they will not crack a window!

So there you have it, got a grapefruit tree near by…give it a shot!
Keep the old ways alive! –Words- Kevin Smith, Photos-Chelsea and Kevin Smith

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