Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Clam Sashimi by Kayak

“When the tide is out, the table is set”- Ray Mears quoting a Pacific Northwest Coast Native American saying.

My brother and I got out to a favorite Northern California spot the other day. Justin has been kicking butt in kayak races lately, and so he was pushing to get me out on the boats…it doesn't take much to convince me to go out on the water. We stopped off for a little bread at a local Mom and Pap bakery and then launched the boats destined for distant shores.

Steve and Kingsley Zissou.

The paddle across was good fun and generally effortless.

Justin showed me how a pro paddles.

We landed at a discrete cove that looked as though pirates should walk around the corner at any moment.

Land Ho!

The tide was out a bit and we were greeted by fountains of clams spouting here and there. We both had our licenses, so we quickly carved some driftwood gauges and started digging.
The clams were deep, but we dug fast and managed a snack.

Fresh caught clams.

This time of year, only the meat is edible (the gut will be full of toxic domoic acid from filter feeding on warm water plankton), so Justin’s favorite was on the lunch menu... clam sashimi. Just wish we’d brought some soy sauce and ginger. Oh well, next time.

Our Grandpa's old fishing knife still in use.

My girl would be extra proud of our foraging activities for the next sea delicacy…sea chocolate! “I got a golden ticket!” I hollered as I dragged the chocolate bar out of the sea. There was no telling how long it had been there, but hey, salt is a great preservative, the ocean is a refrigerator, and it looked good enough, so what's the harm, right? We both had a few bites of the unexpected intertidal salt-chocolate for dessert.

Countryman going crazy from salt chocolate overload.

We pulled in the crab ring on the way back, but only red rock crab and a sun star were present. That was just fine with us though, it had already been a successful spur of the moment adventure.
There’s an adventure around every bend if you are open to them…keep the old ways alive!
- Words- Kevin Smith, Photos- Justin and Kevin.

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