Sunday, August 13, 2017

Octopus Poki and Other Related Ramblings

I got out with my girl the other day for a little camping and ocean fishing on the north coast. It was absolutely beautiful!

Hanging out in redwood forests and camping on the bluffs and seashores was a one of a kind experience!

Diane made some killer green onion pancakes for the road...

After a good long day on the water we also reeled in some nice fish, including this sizable cabezon!

The fish and garlic-scallion chips we made were incredible!

A little whitewater rafting with my girl and some good friends also ended up being a great change of pace!

Then I was off to the California Channel Islands for eight days of spearfishing fun.

I had to punch a Moko shark a few times when he tried to steal my fish...but I won!

Upon my return with octopus, scallops, and fish in hand, we cooked up a hell of a nice feast with our friend Susan.

Keep the old ways alive!

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