Saturday, October 24, 2015

Foraged Apple-Prune Cinnamin Rolls

About a month ago I located a deserted plum tree in the back corner of an old lot. The plums were the variety that are traditionally dried as prunes.
While up in the tree harvesting and using my empty water bottle to carry my loot, an old woman walked up to the base of the tree and gathered the fruit that had fallen in the last windstorm. When I greeted her from the branches above and offered to shake free some more fruit she was ecstatic! Though she didn't speak a word of English we had  the type of friendly interaction that only two foragers sharing a secret harvest really get to experience. The harvest brought big grins to both of our faces as we carefully selected the finest fruit.

When I retuned home I dried the prunes for later use.

Last week I returned home to my family orchard and gathered up some prime Golden Delicious apples. These have long been one of my favorite late Summer/early Fall fruits. The flavor brings me back to childhood!

Tonight, I rehydrated some of the prunes and chopped them up with some of the fresh apples to add to one of my favorite sweets. Cinnamon rolls always remind me of Autumn. My aunt Cathy always made them at our Thanksgiving gatherings and it is another taste that instantly brings me back to when I was just a boy.

Well, I am only a recently aspiring baker, but these came out beautifully!

I will certainly make these again.
The flavors, textures and aromas were divine!
Keep the old ways alive!

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