Thursday, October 22, 2015

Cornish Style Rabbit Pasties

I have been wanting to try making Cornish pasties for some time. The other day when I got that rabbit I thought it would be a good time to make a batch.

After rabbit tacos and pulled pork style rabbit sandwiches I had plenty of meat left over for some rabbit pasties. So after school today I set to the task and I am glad I did!

First I took Abalone to the creek so I could continue working one of the osage orange staves we cut a while back into a nice longbow blank while she swam.

Then it was to the kitchen to try my hand at meat pies! I modified the traditional Cornish style to fit my tastes using rabbit, bacon, herbs and potatoes.

After a quick egg wash it was into the oven and all I had to do was wait.

This just made my list of top meals of the year! I think I will have to cook up some more of these for the next hunting, fishing, or foraging trip.

Keep the old ways alive!

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