Sunday, August 16, 2015

Rabbit Pot Pie

My good buddy, and avid fellow forager/bush-crafter, Nicholas came to visit last week. I had just found a nice new bass spot and was hoping he and I could check it out.
We had plans to hunt and fish all day, crash in the woods, and get up early to hunt some more.
The first part of the plan went well.
We hunted in the morning for rabbit and feral goat (both of which gave us the slip), and had a nice day out on the aluminum monster (my canoe).
The blackberries were abundant as were their thorns! Watch out!

Nicholas and I caught a few nice fish (not one a legal keeper so we tossed them back).

Abalone took pleasure in chasing some of the bigger bass once they were hooked!

Like I mentioned, we had planned to crash out in the woods and cook a nice cottontail curry from the rabbit I got the other day...
but the mosquitoes were killer! Those useless insects suck! (get it?)
So we were forced to pack up camp, after having already moved our operation a mile away from the first mosquito haven.
When we returned home it was nice to not be a pin cushion any longer and we slept soundly for the next few hours.
The following morning we were "up and at 'em" again hunting even earlier with hopes of acquiring a rabbit or two.
Sure enough, we were successful!

We ended up with two cottontails in the bag!
When we got home we slow cooked the rabbits and made a family favorite...rabbit pot pie!

This was hands down the best pot pie I have ever had! Unlike my last squab recipe, this one is a keeper!

Well, my girl and I have friends coming over for the abalone and fish I caught freediving last weekend with my buddy Alex, so I guess we need to get cooking!

Keep the old ways alive!

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