Saturday, November 2, 2013

Swamp Lobster

"I went down to the river side, where the water flows all slow and wide,
waded out to the tule reeds to the place where the swamp lobstas feed.
Cast them lines out two by two, sat back an waited for you know who.
Patiently on that river bank, but when I pulled in my lines my heart sank!
I've got the swamp lob blues...I've got the swamp lob blues!"- Hillbillies
Alex and I got out for a little swamp lobster freediving. Alex was a natural and was slaying them!

Right off, we found two skateboards at the bottom...not cool! Littering is stupid, and as Alex and I discussed between breath holds, no self respecting skater would throw away a perfectly good board!

I had one crawdad attack my glove! Talk about guts huh?

When we got home we used a salt brine to help the swamp lobs clean themselves.


Once cooked, Alex got crackin'

This was one heck of a spread! We savored every bite!

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