Friday, June 13, 2014

Fried Halibut, Loquat Salsa, and a Whole lot of Freediving Fun

"Dude, I found three lures!"- Alex
"Dude, I found an anchor!"-me

We got out for an afternoon freediving in the local lake. Alex and I just wanted to get in the water, hang out, and see if there were any fish worth casting a lure to.

Turns out there certainly were! We saw nice sized bass all over the place.

Eventually we just started diving for fun, laughing a lot, and generally enjoying the day. It started with Alex asking me to film him do an "underwater backstroke." It made me laugh so hard...I mean, who does that? Alex is always good for  laugh!

I sat on the bottom trying to blow bubble rings like my buddy Kirby does. Got a few nice ones when the camera was off, but some in the footage aren't too bad either.

Next, Alex swam out away from shore and after calmly breathing up at the surface he dove deep to 30 ft for his first time! He was really happy with that. Now having broken that milestone, he will be spearfishing deeper reefs the next time we get out into the ocean.

We tried a bit of hook an line fishing, but had no luck. I blame our bad bass fishing skill on our lack of visors and wrap-around sunglasses (some bass fishermen dress worse than golfers)!

Dinner was comprised of fried California halibut fillet with a foraged loquat salsa, side of fried plantains, black beans, sour cream and tortillas topped with our homemade sea salt and my brother's girlfriend Karen's homemade hot sauce.
That was one heck of a feast!

After dinner we headed out for another dive and Alex cleaned up the bottom of the lake as he retrieved fishing lure after lure. I contributed a few fishing rigs as well and eventually found an anchor.

It was a heck of a nice day and a great way to unwind. Just wait till I tell you about our recent fun fruit harvesting and jam making!
Keep the old ways alive! 

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