Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mushroom Pizza Revisited

“Bu-bu-buuuuuuu!”- Jessie making a trumpet call through the coastal forest to alert us to the presence of illusive black trumpets.

Some of my favorite seasonal recipes include variations of delicious mushroom pizzas. We finally got another short burst of rain the other day and so we headed out to the coastal forests armed with baskets and pocket knives in search of edible fungi.

The forest air was sweet and cool and though the mushrooms were scarce, we had plenty of fun tracking them down. The incredible views of the stark contrast between rocky reef and the white waters of the pacific also inspired us to gather up a basket full of late season mussels from the inner tidal zone (which I ate so fast I forgot to take a picture…but trust me, they were delicious as always).

We found little patches of yellow foots, a few black trumpets, the occasional hedgehog, and a couple of oyster mushrooms under the tanoak and fir trees.

As always we were very happy to be back in our element gathering seasonal delicacies for the table.


When we got home, Abalone slept like a baby dreaming of waterfalls, moss covered boulders, fallen tree trails, and all the sights and smells of a good day in the woods.

I sautéed up the mushrooms with onion and olive oil…

…whipped up a gluten free crust…

…and baked a sensational pizza for dinner! Coupled with a glass of our homebrewed Zinfandel and what more can I say other than “life is good!”

Keep the old ways alive!


  1. Just discovered your blog and think it is so cool! Thanks for updating and sharing. How was the poison oak?

    1. Sorry for the delay, I am still new to this. I just found your comment. Poison oak was minimal. On the coast it is rarely a problem in the winter when dormant.
      Hope to see you off trail, out there foraging soon!