Monday, January 27, 2014

Four Brews in Four Days

I got together with my Brother in law Jesse over the break and we hatched a plan to get a few kettles going. On a camp stove in his back yard we ended up brewing two exquisite smelling beers; a doppelbock and a Douglas Fir brew.

The next night my Dad asked me on a whim if I’d like to make some beer. I was in favor of course! We used our home grown cascade hops and brewed up 10 gallons of sweet smelling grog!

The next morning we went waterfowl hunting…but that’s another story.

The following morning Alex, his girl, and I bottled up our hard apple cider before heading to the coast for some intertidal foraging…again, another story for another time.

All in all it was four brews in four days.

Keep the old ways alive!

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