Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hobo Lunch: BLT and Freshly Foraged Fruit Salad

"On the road again. I just can't wait to be on the road again..." Willie Nelson
Inspired by my buddy Nicholas and his mountain man brunch (image below), I decided to set out to the country hill on my board for a little hobo lunch. 
It was really nice to get back out to the country hills again. Some of the roads that had been smooth as silk in my younger years had now become cracked, patched and full of ruts. Yet, I still found some great and memorable rides. 

I had to stop and admire the flora and fauna along the way. Regardless of the immensely painful rash it inflicts, there is something beautiful about the fiery colors of poison oak.


At the crest of my favorite hill I took a little break in the shade of an apple tree that had often fed us as kids.

And took in the view of orchards as far as the eye can see...


I met some friends along the way, both domestic...

And wild.

This place sure has character.

I stopped off and gathered some well seasoned scrub oak wood.
And got a blaze going in my hobo stove on a sand bar next to a little creek.

With some flour, salt, and water I whipped up some flat bread, and then grilled up some bacon...

This was the perfect location for a hobo lunch...

Wildcrafted dandelion greens and fresh tomatoes from my friend's garden completed my BLT. The foraged peach, pear, apple, blackberry fruit salad complemented it quite well. And my newly fashioned apple wood plate and locust wood fork finally got some use.

It took me four hours total to complete an adventure that spanned three miles (and at times 40mph on my board), an amazing feast in a prime location, and plenty of sighs of pure contentment.
Even if you can just get out for a half day...there is an adventure around every bend just waiting for you to embrace it! Let's turn off the T.V. and start living seasonally. And always strive to keep the old ways alive!

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