Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Brunch and Easter Dinner

The last few nights of the grunion season (for the next few months) were a blast. And, as usual , low on funds, I had to whip up some delicious foraged foods over the next few days to save money. It was Easter, and time for a celebration...countryman style!
For brunch it was our go to staple, ramen, but this time with sauteed grunion and grunion roe. The latter of which was surprisingly delicious!

I pulled one of last season's lobsters from the freezer, and used the shell from the legs and tail to cook some nice sea flavor into a tomato cream sauce. Gluten free lobster pasta for only a few dollars a plate was a nice way to enjoy the coming of spring.

Gotta go work on my thesis...more foraging adventures soon to come! In the meantime, for all those foragers who've been waiting for spring to arrive, get your plant identification books out of the archive,  get out where the wild edibles thrive, forage up some food and keep the old ways alive! -By Kevin Smith

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