Friday, February 12, 2016

Winter Chantrelles and Black Trumpet Mushrooms in the Coast Range

We got out in the coastal forests the other day in search of some of the most illusive yet flavorful fungi trumpets! These dark and easily overlooked members of the chantrelle family are one of our all time seasonal favorites!

The woods were lush, green, and quite welcoming!

Alex found a pair of beautiful golden chantrelles early on as well.

The cobwebs glistened in the beams of sun as we searched the forest floor for fungi.

I would have walked right past the first thick patches of black trumpets had Alex not seen them and hollered out. We ended up finding pounds and pounds of these delicious morsels! We also found winter chantrelles (one of our favorite mushrooms to put in homemade ramen) scattered throughout, just waiting for the trained eye and eager hands of the hungry forager.

Someone once said "fallen trees are the pathways of the forest." In this case it was a bridge. Alex and I crossed this fallen fir trunk and though it does not look high from the angle of the picture and the height of the massive sword ferns below, this was easily a 20 ft drop to the ravine below!

On the drive back we stopped off and did a bit of intertidal gathering as well. Mussels, edible seaweeds...and the usual fun stuff!

Well, I usually like to incorporate more than one foraged ingredient per meal, but after school the other day I was tired and hungry, so my buddy Nick and I enjoyed baked peppers stuffed with Italian sausage and black trumpets...quick, easy and delicious!

Well, the weekend is rapidly approaching, and I really want to get out fishing and foraging again.
Until then, cook up some good food, if you're in the mood, grab some wild greens, or some other fine foraged things, or just get out for a freedive, and keep the old ways alive!

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