Monday, May 25, 2015

Bluegill by Boat

“I have decided I am calling the canoe The Aluminum Monster”- Me

“Except when she is good to you…then you should call her Sweet D!”- My brother

I had been searching for a used canoe for quite a while. Every time I found one happened to correlate with the time of month when I was short on cash…each boat was sold just before pay day. Finally it happened, I found a used aluminum canoe for $180 in my home town just one day after pay day. I was on it like white on rice! I had been pretty busy with work, so I had my brother check it out as he lives closer to where we grew up. Justin checked it out, bought it for me and stored it for a few weeks in his backyard until I could come by and get it.

We have already got way more than our money’s worth out of it! Andrew and I have landed bass and bluegill like crazy and my girl, dog, and I have spent some great time paddling the local creek.

 Bluegill are small but tasty pan fish!

Andrew with his first bass...14.5 inches!

Whole Bluegill sautéed over onion and garlic butter

I hope to take it out on the lake or down one of our local rivers for a wild pig hunt in late Summer or early Fall.

I will keep you posted.

In the meantime… keep the old ways alive!

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