Thursday, October 30, 2014

Rabbit Pâté

"Dude! I made the best pâté the other day from the liver of a Jack rabbit I got!"- Me
“Bro, my dog doesn’t even eat liver!”- My buddy Nicholas
"Dude, there's no way Copper would have passed this up!" - Me
My dad got out hunting for deer a few weeks back and ended up taking a nice forked horn!
He had a butcher make all the cuts and after enjoying some of the fresh liver the night of the hunt he gave the rest of the liver to a good and appreciative friend. His neighbor asked him over the following night for some venison pâté. After devouring the appetizer my dad called me to inform me that this was a recipe to try for certain!
I had a rabbit liver in the refrigerator from a successful hunt the day before and decided to give it a try (having never tasted pâté before).
Well, let me just say that pâté  is easy to make and incredibly delicious! I think it is certainly worthy of wild game liver! I wish I could say that I got a pretty picture of the pâté as it came out of the mold perfectly shaped...but I took one bite and the next thing I knew I looked back and realized I had eaten half of what I made! Here's a less impressive picture of the pâté on some crostini.
I slow cooked the rest of the rabbit meat and made a gluten free rabbit and dumplings...and a ton more rabbit sausage (Jackrabbits have a lot of meat)!
Then my parents had me and my brother over for supper and my mom made French venison in cream green peppercorn sauce (one of our favorites) with some of the venison chops!
This has already been a great start to Autumn and I am already thankful for all our great California wilds have provided! Can't wait for Thanksgiving! Well, jackrabbit ragout is calling from the kitchen and I must answer!

Keep the old ways alive!

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